The Pearl

What creatures and plants live in the sea and on the shore?

What image of the sea do you get from this description?

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From the text:

The beach was yellow sand, but at the water's edge a rubble of shell and algae took its place. Fiddler crabs bubbled and sputtered in their
holes in the sand, and in the shallows little lobsters popped in and out of their tiny homes in the rubble and sand. The sea bottom was rich
with crawling and swimming and growing things. The brown algae waved in the gentle currents and the green eel grass swayed and little sea
horses clung to its stems. Spotted botete, the poison fish, lay on the bottom in the eel-grass beds, and the bright-colored swimming crabs
scampered over them.

On the beach the hungry dogs and the hungry pigs of the town searched endlessly for any dead fish or sea bird that might have floated in on a
rising tide.

This description of the sea leaves us with an image of the untamed world..... natural..... wild.


The Pearl/ Chapter Two