The Pearl

what are the key moments in the pearl and why?

the first key moment is kino waking up to see juana looking at him

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Four important events in The Pearl may include:

1. Coyotito is bitten by a scorpion. This event is the main event that leads to all other events in the novel. This begins the chain of events that lead to Coyotito's eventual death. It is ironic because we can infer that Coyotito is cured of this initital injury by Juana's simple method of applying poultice to the wound. However, because Kino is turned away by the greedy doctor, he decides to go pearl diving. This then leads to...

2. Kino finds the large pearl. The pearl becomes a symbol of hope and opportunity for Kino and his family. However, this changes. The pearl later symbolizes greed. Kino's family is preyed upon by greedy people who desire the pearl. Kino also makes bad decisions because he refuses to get rid of the pearl even though strangers invade his home at night to search for the pearl. One night, Juana tries to throw the pearl into the sea because she fears for her family. Kino stops her and kicks her, showing us that his greed for the pearl is causing him to hurt his own family. That night...

3. Kino murders a mysterious stranger in the night who attacks him and tries to take the pearl. Kino and Juana decide to take Coyotito and run away. The only people who know about this are Kino's brother and his brother's wife. They secretly leave that night. However...

4. Kino and his family are hunted by trackers who wish to steal the pearl. One night, the family hides in the mountains. Kino is making his way towards one of the trackers when Coyotito begins to cry. One of the trackers thinks that it is a coyote (which is what Coyotito's name means) and he shoots in the direction of the cry, killing Coyotito. The irony is that Kino's original goal was to save his son. In the end, his greed caused him to put his family in danger, and his son dies.