The Pearl

The Pearl Chapter #6

I have a questions that i really struggle at it please help me :))

1. How does the author describe Kino at the beginning of this chapter?

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From the text:

Through his fear of dark and the devils that haunt the night, there came a rush of exhilaration; some animal thing was moving in him so that he was cautious and wary and dangerous; some ancient thing out of the past of his people was alive in him. The wind was at his back and the stars guided him. The wind cried and whisked in the brush, and the family went on monotonously, hour after hour.

This quote illustrates that Kino's survival instincts and the need to protect his family were at the forefront. He was working on instinct, putting away those behaviors we would deem civilized and intent on doing things he might never before have felt himself capable of.


The Pearl