The Pearl

The Pearl

Briefly describe the differences between the doctor's home and Kino's home


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Kino lived in a brush house.

"The sun was warming the brush house.."

Coyotito slept in a hanging box.

"She put Coyotito back in his hanging box..."

Kino's home had a dirt floor.

"He threw it down and beat it into the earth floor with his fist."

The doctor's home was surrounded by a gate.

"And as Kino raised his right hand to the iron ring knocker in the gate..."

"Kino could see the green coolness of the garden and little splashing fountain through the opening."

The doctor lived in "the city of stone and plaster began, the city of harsh outer walls and inner cool gardens where a little water played and the bougainvillaea crusted the walls with purple and brick-red and white."



The Pearl