The Pearl

The pearl

What does Juan Tomas say in chapter 4 that gives a reason the villagers allow themselves to be cheated and bullied throughout life 

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From the text:


"Before you were born, Kino," he said, "the old ones thought of a way to get more money for their pearls. They thought it would be better if they had an agent who took all the pearls to the capital and sold them 
there and kept only his share of the profit." 

Kino nodded his head. "I know," he said. "It was a good thought." 

"And so they got such a man," said Juan Tomas, "and they pooled the pearls, and they started him off. And he was never heard of again and the pearls were lost. Then they got another man, and they started him off, and he was never heard of again. And so they gave the whole thing up and went back to the old way." 



The Pearl