The Pearl

The music songs and Oppression

I have 3 questions to ask , please reply me as soon as possible , thanks !

1.Give an example of how Steinbeck shows that Kino's community is poor .

In the novel , Steinbeck describes how the church beggars cuold judge how poor Kino's was "...[They] looked quickly at Juana's old blue skirt , saw the tears in the shaw , appraised the green ribbon on her braids , read the age of Kino's blanket and the thousand washing of his clothes andd set them down as poverty people..." ( page 13 )

2."And the music of the pearl rose like a chorus of trumpets in his ears " (page 28). Using other examples in Chapter 3 , explain how "music" is used in the text to describe the feelings of Kino ? Do you think "music" has a wider significance in the novel ? ( Yes ) Explain your answer

3. In this chaper , there are a number of references made to how the people in Kino's community are oppressed and aloso how they see no way out this situation . Chose 3 examples and explain how they illustrate this oppression and /or inability of Kino's community to improve their situation.

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Kino lived in a brush village all the people that live their are either pearl divers or fishermen. The huts are simple one room shacks. The clothing is simple clothes probably handme downs.


The pearl