The Pearl

please answer these questions for the pearl

6.~~~~ What comment on human nature does the author make with the villagers’ response?


7.~~~~ What do Kino and Juana assume about the villager’s response to Kino’s prize?


8.~~~~ What music does Kino experience after finding the pearl?


9.~~~~ What does Juan Tomas ask Kino about his discovery?~ What is Kino’s response?


10.~~ Why does the idea of Kino’s son attending school cause such a stir among the villagers? Why does Kino want his son to read and write?


11.~~ What happens to time as a result of the pearl?


12.~~ Who comes to visit Kino?~ Why?


13.~~ How is the priest like the rest of the village in his request?


14.~~ What faint song does Kino hear when the priest visits?~ What does this mean?

15.~~ What animal imagery is used for the Song of the Family in this chapter?~ Why do you think the author uses this image?

16.~~ Shortly after the priest and the neighbors leave, Kino senses danger.~ Who appears at this time?


17.~~ What lie does the doctor tell Kino and Juana?


18.~~ Even though Coyotito appears to be recovering from the scorpion’s sting, how does the doctor make Kino and Juana believe his services are still necessary?


19.~~ What remedy does the doctor give the baby?~ What suspicion does Kino have about this remedy?


20.~~ What question does the doctor ask when he is done treating Coyotito?~ What offer does he make to Kino?


21.~~ What did the doctor hope to reveal with his offer?~ Is this information revealed?


22.~~ After everyone has left the hut, Juana asks Kino, “Who do you fear?”~ What is his response?


23.~~ While they are sleeping that night, what happens in Kino and Juana’s hut?


24.~~ Is the intruder successful?

25.~~ Who is the most likely person to have sent the intruder?~ How do you know?

26.~~ How is Kino characterized during the fight? What kind of imagery is used?


27.~~ What is Juana’s response to the stranger’s intrusion and attack on her husband?


28.~~ What statement does Juana make that serves as foreshadowing?


29.~~ What promise does Kino make to Juana about the pearl?~ How is the pearl described at the end of the chapter?

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7) Kino and Juana believed the other villagers would be happy for them in their good fortune. 

Please ask your questions separately. 


The Pearl