The Pearl

Please answer these questions

1. _____ Specifically, the turning point of the novel involves which of the following? (a) A death by stabbing; (b) A house burning; (c) A family quarrel; (d) A flight.

2. _____ Kino and Juana take flight in order to (a) get money to pay the doctor; (b) find a doctor who can cure Coyotito; (c) find an honest pearl buyer; (d) protect their community.

3. _____ Essentially, Steinbeck has Kino and Juana return to La Paz in order to (a) start a new life; (b) perform a symbolic act; (c) surrender to the authorities; (d) bury their son properly.

4. _____ At one time the people had hired agents to sell their pearls in the city. The agents had gone off and had never been heard from again. The people took this (a) with angry resentment, (b) as divine punishment, (c) as another example of the doctor’s greedy operations in the background, (d) with cheerful assurance that they would always be able to find more pearls.

6. The _______ threatens the harmony of the Song of the Family.

a. scorpion b. baby c. canoe d. neighbors


29.______ At the end of the book, Juana wants Kino to throw the pearl into the sea because she is afraid that if she tries to do it he will rush out and bring the pearl right back in.

30.______ Most of his life, Kino has made his living from day to day by fishing, although at times he did go searching for pearls.

31.______ When a neighbor disagreed about Kino’s character, Juan Tomas killed the man.

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1-c 2-c 3-b 4-b 6-a 29- false 30-false 31-false


The pearl