The Pearl

In the middle of page 27 Kino hears "the song of evil" faintly. Who do you think brings it to Kino's house? Give a reason for your answer.

Chapter 3

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The one person mentioned immediately after Kino hears the song is the priest, whi is looking for Kino to gift a portion of his money to the church.

The music had gone out of Kino's head, but now, thinly, slowly, the melody of the morning, the music of evil, of the enemy, sounded, but it was faint and weak. And Kino looked at his neighbors to see who might have brought this song in.

But the priest was speaking again. "It has come to me that thou hast found a great fortune, a great pearl."

Kino opened his hand and held it out, and the priest gasped a little at the size and beauty of the pearl. And then he said, "I hope thou wilt
remember to give thanks, my son, to Him who has given thee this treasure, and to pray for guidance in the future."


The Pearl