The Pearl

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In The Pearl, what was the main idea of the sermon about the castle of the Universe? A. Every person has a station in life, and it is sinful to try to make your situation better. B. God forgives those who fail in their duty if they leave their stations in the castle to help others. C. God is like a general, and he orders his people about, depending on his moods. D. The forces of evil are like soldiers from Hell who are powerful enough to wreck the world.


In Chapter 3 of The Pearl, which character is being described in these lines?

"...(he) came in—a graying, aging man with an old skin and a young, sharp eye. Children, he considered these people, and he treated them like children."

A. The beggar B. The doctor C. The pearl buyer D. The priest
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Hi, there are too many questions here. You need to submit each question separately. 

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u have the naswer its the priest yeah i got it !!

D. The priest