The Pearl

i need 2 quotes on injustice in the pearl

this is what i have so far plus a quote from the beginnnig saying he doesnt cure indians

This doctor was of a race which for nearly four hundred years had beaten and starved and robbed and despised Kino's race,

Kino stood in the door, filling it, and hatred raged and flamed in back of his eyes, and fear too, for the hundreds of years of subjugation were cut deep in him. (3.33)

"Her arm was up to throw when he leaped at her and caught her arm and wrenched the pearl from her. He struck her in the face with his clenched fist and she fell among the boulders, and he kicked her in the side."

if you find these quotes please give me the page number left my book at school and its due tomorrow

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Page numbers usually don't help because there are so many publications of this book. Are you asking for two quotes in addition to the ones you have?