The Pearl

How many bad things happened to Kino in this chapter? Did he know that the pearl was evil?

The pearl in chapter. 5

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Some of the things that happen to Kino are self-inflicted, and it wasn't the pearl that was evil, but rather the thoughts and desires of the people who wanted the pearl....

Kino's wife disobeys him

Kino beats his wife

Kino is beaten

Juana finds the pearl

Kino has killed a man

Kino and Juana'a house is burned down

A hole is punched in Kino's boat

He goes to follow Juana and he hits her when he thinks she is taking the pearl. He murders someone in the dark. He watches as his shack burns to the ground and he knows he is being pursued. He is not sure about the pearl, but he says he cannot give it up because the pearl is "his soul."