The Pearl

How does the writer show kino's awareness and understanding of animals

Chapter 1

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Kino is astutely aware of what goes on around him.

"The ants were busy on the ground, big black ones with shiny bodies, and little

dusty quick ants. Kino watched with the detachment of God while a dusty

ant frantically tried to escape the sand trap an ant lion had dug for him."

He calls SOFTLY to a TIMID dog.

"A thin, timid dog came close and, at a soft word from Kino, curled up, arranged its tail neatly over its feet, and laid its chin delicately on the pile."

"Near the brush fence two roosters bowed and feinted at each other with squared wings and neck feathers ruffed out. It would be a clumsy fight. They were not game chickens. Kino watched them for a moment, and then his eyes went up to a flight of wild doves twinkling inland to the hills."


The Pearl