The Pearl

How does John Steinbeck use description in the nove The Pearl?

need it for school work.

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Steinbeck has a way of writing that is extraordinary. He consistently uses analogies, similarities and metaphors, onomatopoeias, parallels, and personification, to make the struggle more urgent and vivid. Through personification Steinbeck makes the scenes come alive. Instead of writing simply what happens- he compares and tries to refer to things we remember so that as we read the story we can actually live the moment.

Steinbeck also uses a lot of animal imagery. He creates an atmosphere around the character that refers to how he sees things and how he is feeling. Animals participate in the story too.

“Scraping and shrilling and croaking” are onomatopoeic words that represent Kino when he feels alone and unprotected.

“The sun was hot yellow that morning, … and vision was unsubstantial.”

In this description of the estuary we can actually imagine the scene and feel the atmosphere of that morning when Kino sets off to sell his pearl