The Pearl

How did the family prepare themselves for their trip into town?

chapter 4

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Juana dressed Coyotito in his best clothing. She braided her hair and tied her braids with ribbons, dressing carefully in her wedding clothes, before pulling her shawl around her shoulders. Coyotito was wrapped in the shawl. Kino's clothes were ragged but clean. The couple left their home with dignity.

Juana, considering the matter, threw caution to the winds, and she dressed Coyotito in the clothes she had prepared for his baptism, when there would be money for his baptism. And Juana combed and braided her hair and tied the ends with two little bows of red ribbon, and she put on her marriage skirt and waist. The sun was quarter high when they were ready. Kino's ragged
white clothes were clean at least, and this was the last day of his raggedness. For tomorrow, or even this afternoon, he would have new clothes.


The Pearl