The Pearl

Explain the incident between Coyotito and the doctor?

When the doctor came to help he wanted money

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Yes, the doctor only came to Kino's hut because he anticipated money.... money from the sale of the pearl, and even thoughts of stealing the pearl. Rather than help the baby, the doctor gives him something to make him even sicker.... to be sure that Kino will want him to return.

Then from his bag he took a little bottle of white powder and a capsule
of gelatine. He filled the capsule with the powder and closed it, and
then around the first capsule he fitted a second capsule and closed it.
Then he worked very deftly. He took the baby and pinched its lower lip
until it opened its mouth. His fat fingers placed the capsule far back
on the baby's tongue, back of the point where he could spit it out, and
then from the floor he picked up the little pitcher of pulque and gave
Coyotito a drink, and it was done.


The Pearl