The Pearl

Describe the character of Juana based on what she says and does. How is she different from Kino? Be sure to incorporate examples from the text in your response.

I know that she is very caring and has good intuition i just need more details

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Kino's wife, Juana, is even more simple than Kino. Her reactions are those of the instinctual mother, and her life is devoted to her duties to her husband and child. "She could stand fatigue and hunger almost better than Kino himself. In the canoe she was like a strong man." She says Hail Marys and utilizes ancient magic to ward off evil. Her prayers bring the pearl into existence. With the pearl in hand, however, Coyotito is fine. Her thoughts about the pearl thus turn practical. They can be married in the church and have nice clothes, but they do not need to have everything. I think this is where she differs from Kino. The Pearl represents nothing more than a guarantee of the basics for her family. For Kino it the pearl represents a radically different life. It also represents a sense of manhood that he feels stripped away from him as a poor man (i.e. can't afford a doctor). Greed takes hold of Kino while Juana remains untouched.