The Pact

what was rameck like in high school and how does he meet George and Sam?

In chapter one 

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Rameck didn't have his father at home, and his mother's choices in regard to boyfriends was questionable to say the least. During his teenage years, Rameck made some poor choices and ended up in juvenile jail when he was sixteen. He was also forced to sit by while his mother became evermore addicted to drugs. They went on welfare, didn't have enough money to pay bills, lived without electricity. Rameck prayed, but at the time didn't see an answer to his prayers. Acting, acting lessons, and a caring teacher saved his life. He found guidance somewhere other than his home, he experienced the guilt that accompanied the need to take care of himself, and his family eventually made sure he had the opportunities he needed to better himself by arranging his attendance at University High. His mother came through after all.... she couldn't take care of herself, but in the end, she did what she needed to do to make sure Rameck was taken care of.... she sent him away. Rameck meets George and Sam when he attends University High.