The Pact

How did Sam’s home life change after his parent’s divorce?

i cant find this answer... Someone please help.

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From the text:

It wouldn’t be fair to say that Pop walked out completely. He did what he agreed to do and more. He paid the mortgage, which kept a roof over our heads. He came around to visit. We visited him. If one of us was sick, he rushed home or to the hospital to check on us. He sent what money he could for gifts during holidays. And for most major events in my life— baseball games, school programs, and graduations— he was there. I loved my father then, as I do now. But when he left, so did his regular paycheck and the security of knowing that all the bills would get paid and that my little brother and I would always have something to eat. My older brothers and sisters were in and out. Moms had never worked, and with little education she had few marketable skills. We had to go on welfare. Moms was already leaning on me for things she couldn’t do, like reading her mail, making deposits at the bank, and helping to write money orders for bills. It felt good to be responsible for such heavyweight duties at my age, but it was a burden that no eleven-year-old should have to bear. I felt responsible for helping her take care of the household.

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