The Pact

how did george, sam, and rameck feel about rap?

chapter 11.......

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Here is a quote fromthe text that explains this:

"Rap Music defined our generation the way that Motown had defined our parent's era. As I read that quote from the book I think about my life and how Rap music plays a major role in my life. I'm a very passionate person and I show my passion through music. When I listen to music I try to connect to what is being said in the songs and connect it to my personal life. if you listen to music you often hear things that relates to you, and with rap music if reflects the way I grew up and live my life so I have a very strong connection with Rap music. Rap music also known as hip hop affect the clothes I wear, and the cars I drive, and they way I interacts with others in my personal life. Hip hop is very powerful and has a lot of influence in young kids life's today as it did mine when I was growing up.
I often question hip hop, the way its leading our young kids, and adults in to prison for wanting to live the dope boy life or the life of a thug. I often want to challenge hip hop artist to empower kinds to do the right thing in there music instead of influencing them to sell drug to live a flashy life style. All music not just hip hop have effects on how people live there life but I feel my music of choice hip hop has the most impact on society and should do some to give back since it has did so much to take away from society. " Chapter 11