The Pact

Describe the incident at the hangout?


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I'm sorry, additional information is required to answer your question. Chapter? Who's hangout?

chapter 5

Although drugs and drinkng were prohibited at the hangout, that didn't stop the boys from dealing drugs there. On those particular occasions, one of Rameck's friends sold an old man some crack. The man, who didn't know or care about the rule of no drugs, proceeded to light up nearby. The boys were provoked and told him to move on, a demand which he agreed to but delayed following through on. The boys then "punched and kicked him until he was red, black, and blue all over." After which, Rameck, in a bid to impress his friends pulled a knife, which he then had to use in order to save face. He stabbed the man's thigh. Later, the boys were arrested for attempted murder.


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