The Pact

Chapter 13

- Describe “Access Med.” Who is Dr. Linda Hsu?

- Who was left behind and why?

- Why was medical school a struggle for Sam?

- What happened to Sam when he watched his mentor, Dr. Nathan Doctry, in the operating room?

- What was Sam not sure of?What were Rameck and Sam’s grades in their senior year?

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Access Med was a program in which students could take medical-school courses early and gain access to Robert Wood Johnson without have to take the required MCAT. Qualifying was tough, as students to carry a grade point average over 3.2, as well as having all of their core courses completed.

Dr. Linda Hsu was the boys' biology teacher and mentor. She was a mentor, teacher, and friend to the boys, who made sure they had everything they needed to succeed.

Please ask your questions separately.


The Pact/ Page 170