The Outsiders

Why was cherry trying to help Ponyboy?

Chapter 8

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Cherry always liked Ponyboy. She found him sensitive and real. When they get to the vacant lot, Cherry is there in her Corvette. She reports that the Socs are going to "play your way. No weapons, fair deal. Your rules." When Two-Bit leaves, Cherry asks Ponyboy to stay behind for a minute. She tells him Randy isn't going to the rumble, but he says he already knows. She explains that he's really upset after Bob's death, and Ponyboy thinks about how upset Soda or Steve would be if the other one was killed. Cherry does not want Ponyboy to fight. 

Cherry helped Pony Boy because she understood him and he understood her they connected from the begining, he didn't care if she was a Social and she didn't care that he was a Greaser.