The Outsiders

why is ponyboy worried about whether he called for darry when he wa sick?

the outsiders

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Ponyboy asks, "Is Darry sorry I'm sick?" and Soda is confused by the question, but responds that yes, Darry is sorry. Then Ponyboy falls back asleep. When Ponyboy comes to again, he sees Darry asleep in the armchair next to his bed. Darry tells him he's been very sick with exhaustion, shock, and a minor concussion. Suddenly Ponyboy remembers that Johnny and Dally are dead. But he tells himself, "Don't remember. Don't remember." Darry tells him that he has been "asleep and delirious" for over three days. Ponyboy begins to worry about having to go to court, and asks Darry if they will get split up, but Darry doesn't know.