The Outsiders

Why doesn't Dally want Johnny to turn himself in?

Chapter Six

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Dally seems angry as they drive back, and Johnny and Ponyboy think it's because he is annoyed they didn't turn themselves in earlier, if at all, to save him trouble. But he explains "in a pleading, high voice" that he just doesn't want Johnny to get hardened in jail. Ponyboy realizes how tenderly Dally feels for Johnny, and thinks about what Dally might have been like before he was toughened on the streets and in jail.

because dally cares about johnny too much and he doesnt want him to end up like him 


He doesn't want Johnnycake to end up like Dallas, cheating, lying, doing what criminals do in the world. He cares about him even though you might think he doesn't . . . he cares about him as much as all the Greasers do to each other.

He cares about Johnny a lot and don't want him to be like Dallas. I would listen to Dally.

Dallas is "famous" for cheating, lying, swearing, jumping on people, and doing what criminals usually do in the Real World. I would hate to be Dallas.

­­And that's something ya don't see everyday