The Outsiders

Where are some examples of foreshadowing in Chapter 2 & Chapter 3?

At least 3

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Chapter 3

"Things gotta get better, I figured. They couldn't get worse. I was wrong."

This quote from the end of the Chapter foreshadows the fact that things can get worse...... a fight in the park the the Socs will result in a death...... Bob Sheldon's.

Also Chapter 3

Darry "couldn't stop me from living in my own house."

No, Darry couldn't stop him from living in his own house, but this foreshadows the murder of Bob Sheldon, and the fact that He cannot return home.

In Chapter 2, Ponyboy is reflecting on the attack by the Socs. Allowed to brood, Ponyboy threatens that he will kill anyone who attempts another attack. This foreshadows Bob Sheldon's death.


The Outsiders