The Outsiders

When Dolly brings each of the girls a soda, what does cherry do? What does Marcia do? Which girl do you think Ponyboy respects more? If you were one of the girls which move would you make?

Chapter 2 question

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Dally comes back with Cokes, but Cherry throws hers in his face. Dally "smiled dangerously," and gears up to harass her some more, but Johnny reaches out and stops him. Ponyboy notes that Johnny is the only one of the gang who could stand up to Dally without getting punched, since "he was the gang's pet." Instead, Dally storms away and doesn't return. I think Pony respects them both but is more attracted to Cherry. I'm not sure I'd throw the Coke in a Greaser's face but I would try to avoid a guy that was crude and disrespectful towards me.