The Outsiders

what did randy want to tell the judge? what did ponyboy want to tell the jugde? which story was true? why did ponyboy want to tell this story?


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Randy comes into the bedroom, and wants to talk about how they have to go to court the next day. Ponyboy feels resentful of Randy for acting like he is "mixed up in all this," when things will no doubt turn out fine for him, since "his old man was rich." He also resents being made to think about the pending hearing, since he's been putting off thinking about it. Ponyboy explains to Randy that he is worried that the judge might send him and Soda to a boys' home. He notices that Randy looks sincerely worried about that possibility, and thinks it's strange.

When Randy mentions how Johnny killed Bob, it becomes clear that Ponyboy is in denial about the events of the past weeks. He says that he was the one who killed Bob, and that Johnny is not dead. Then Darry tells Randy he should leave, and Ponyboy overhears him saying that "he's still pretty racked up mentally and emotionally." Ponyboy doesn't register what this means, though, and instead resents Randy for implying that Johnny was involved in Bob's death.