The Outsiders

The outsiders


1.What do they say that they are going to do to the narrator?


2.What does Dally do (in the first paragraph chapter2) that proves his bad character?

3.What the Dally do (involving two girls) that continues to prove his bad character?

4.Why does Ponyboy not like to tell people his name the first time?

5.What does Cherry Valance say to Ponyboy that is great compliment to him?

6.What borthers Ponyboy the most about his favorite brother, Sodapop?

7.Who takes up for (defends) the two girl?

8.Why does Dally not punch (hit) Johnny for what he says to him?

9.Why were the two girla not afraid of Johnny and Ponyboy as they wew Dally?

10.According to Johnny, what happens to your gang (group) if you don't take up for your friends?

11.The Greasers have two rules according tp Two-Bit: Stick together and____.

12.What flashback does Pony reveal to Cherry on thier way to get popcorn?

13.After hearing this story, what two things does Cherry say about Socs?

Thank you so much for help. :)

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1. The Socs say they are going to cut the narrator's hair off.

You need to submit each of your questions one at a time. Thanks.