The Outsiders

the outsiders

SE hinton

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The Outsider's

The Greaser's are the kids who life a more rough lifesytle, know as Greaser's for there greasy hair. The Soc's are the rich kids with nice things, living on the nice side of town. It all starts when Ponyboy (The main character) goes to the movies. He is with Dally (A bad boy) and Johnny (A scared abused boy, who has been previously beaten up by the Soc's). Dally is harassing the girls in front of them, Cherry (who has a Soc boyfriend) and Marcia (Who isn't important to the story). Johnny who stands up for the girls and tells Dally to leave, which he does. Now the girls think Ponyboy and Johnny are nice Greaser's and lets them sit and talk with them. When they leave the two Soc girls' boyfriends show up while Ponyboy and Johnny are walking them home it starts a huge commotion. The Socs are drunk, and Cherry manages to get them to leave them alone. Ponyboy and Johnny then go to the park and just lay out looking at the stars, they fall asleep on accident. Johnny's parents don't care, but Darry (Ponyboy's brother who has custody because there parents are dead. Soda pop is also another brother.) They fight and Darry ends up hitting Ponyboy so he runs out. Ponyboy then gets Johnny and says they're going to run away. While walking the Soc's from earlier attack. In self defense Johnny kills one of them. They go to Dally's, because they don't know what to do. Dally gives them money for food, and a gun. He also tells them where they can go to hide out until the chaos from the killing dies down. He swears to not tell Darry. They go to an old church to stay, cut and dye there hair to not be seen. An important book to Ponyboy is Gone with the Wind. Which they read multiple times. Finally Dally comes up to bring them news, food, and a letter to Ponyboy from Soda Pop. They go to a Dairy Queen for some real food and meet Cherry who is now a "spy" for them on behalf of the Socs side. Dally has also been asked questions about it, and lied about which way they ran to hide from the killing. When they get back to the church there is a group of kids playing there. The building had caught on fire from something they had left burning. Johnny and Ponyboy jump in to save the kids, and Dally jumps in to save Ponyboy and Johnny. They get the kids, but have injuries. At the hospital Johnny dies. Dally so upset from it leaves the hospital and goes and steals something from a store. He does a suicide mission, and runs from the cops so they will shoot him. Dally is now also dead. Ponyboy is back with his family, and everything is cleared up in order of self defense.

I think I got everything, but here is the just of it.

The main line is "Stay Golden Ponyboy." which Johnny says to Ponyboy right before he dies.


The Outsider's by SE Hinton