The Outsiders

review dally's ideas of how to avoid getting hurt


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The toughest of all the greasers in the Susan Hinton teen novel, The Outsiders, Dallas Winston believes it is best to stay "hard," and he believes if Johnny had been tougher and harder, then he would "never have run into that church." To Dally, helping people causes trouble, and he tells Pony that if "you get tough like me... you don't get hurt. You look out for yourself and nothin' can touch you..."

When Pony and Two-Bit visit Dally in the hospital, they found him "mean" and "ornery," and they knew he would be okay. Dally admits that "I'm never nice," and Pony recalls that he "didn't give a Yankee dime about anyone but himself." Dally shows a soft spot for Johnny, but he rarely exhibits anything but his toughness to the rest of the world. Staying hard is his way of avoiding getting hurt.


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