The Outsiders

Do students today still enjoy studying this text?

I enjoy teaching it , and I think my junior classes like it too.

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I have fond memories of teaching the Outsiders to junior high students. I don't think that this novel ever goes out of style. Kids just love it. Themes of friendship, loyalty, betrayal, violence, brotherhood all amidst a gang feud is the stuff of magic for this age group. Both genders enjoy the characters; they are so relatable to them. Ponyboy is a protagonist that everyone can like and relate to. The rest of the gang (Dally, Soda, Darry......) all have personalities that complement the many themes mentioned above. Great Book!

My students don't. At all. They don't even like the film despite its starladen cast. Then again, they don't even like Robert Frost. What can you do?

i just got done reading the outsiders i thought it was a really good book but it was sad to i was sad when jhonny died and when dally got shot and died


the book

It was a great crafted book with almost anything....fights, death,... great book.