The Outsiders

Describe the three ways in which Pony's family appears "happier".

In chaper seven :DDDD


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After Darry convinces a doctor that "we were about as much family as Dally and Johnny had," they learn that Dally will be okay, though one of his arms will always have burn scars. 

Ponyboy wakes up before Darry or Soda and takes a shower. He makes eggs and chocolate cake for breakfast; all of them like to eat it for breakfast, and can do so whenever they want with no parents. Two-Bit and Steve come in without knocking, as is their custom, and Ponyboy explains to the reader that all the gang know they can come over and stay at his house whenever they want, or need somewhere to sleep, since the door is never locked.

Two-Bit scoops Ponyboy up and spins him around, because he's missed him, and sends one of the eggs Ponyboy is preparing flying; Ponyboy accidentally crushes the other egg in his hand, and scolds Two-Bit for ruining breakfast. Two-Bit and Steve tease him good-naturedly for his haircut, and Steve shows him the newspaper, with the headline "Juvenile Delinquents Turn Heroes."