The Outsiders

compare and contrast the curtis brothers

how does their relationship change over the course of the novel

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The Curtis brothers seem ironic at first. A gang of young Greasers living in a house together does not seem like the ideal family unit. When Hinton brings us into these boys' lives we see something very different. They are in fact a family that is passionately devoted to each other. Darry is the father figure of the family. He is good looking, tough as nails and as responsible as any young adult could be. Soda is good looking, sensitive, charismatic and quick witted. Ponyboy is smaller, nervous, sensitive and academically smart. The boys go through struggles like any other family. Darry and Pony, for example, clash over the same parent/teenager issues that happen in any other home. Sodapop's relationship with his brothers doesn't change too much. He tries to be an intermediary between Pony and Darry as much as he can. By the end of the story both Ponyboy and Darry come to understand each other much better. What we do learn is that the brother's never for a minute seriously question their loyalty and love for each other. Ponyboy and Darry get frustrated but only the way that any parent and teenager would. When the chips are down they literally have each other's back. That is how a family should be.

 whats the relationship between ponyboy and darry?

how are ponyboy and his brothers alike?


the outsiders