The Outsiders

Chapter 3 Of The outsiders

Question: What does Ponyboy finally figure out about the difference between Greaser and Socs? (I think it is kind of the same thing as the question "What is the main difference, as Cherry sees it, between Socs and Greaser? But it's slightly different.) I think it is that Socs don't care if they do something violent but, Greasers are uncomfortable when they do violence (guilty). Anway, if it's the answer still please answer with a paragraph Thank you, Aslan. Did you know in my language (Turkish) Aslan means lion? :)

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Despite what Cherry says, Ponyboy is resigned to the fact that Socs will have everything and Greasers will have nothing. He sees this after Randy visits him. He realizes that even if the Greasers win the rumble, nothing will change.