The Outsiders

Chap. 7 and 8

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We learned that Ponyboy's nightmares are more important than we have so far been led to believe. Darry has fear on his face when Ponyboy tells him he has just had another dream. We learn of the doctor's diagnosis.

What is the doctor's diagnosis and is advice to Ponyboy? Do you agree with the doctor?

I had to put the two questions because they relate and I can't make a whole other questions because I still have to do chap. 9,10,11 and 12

We finished the book (last chap. 12)

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From the text:

"Soda began sleeping with me, and it stopped recurring so often, but it happened often enough for Darry to take me to a doctor. The doctor said I had too much imagination. He had a simple cure, too: Study harder, read more, draw more, and play football more. After a hard game of football and four or five hours of reading, I was too exhausted, mentally and physically, to dream anything."

The doctor's advice may have made Ponyboy sleep more soundly, but it would not have alleviated the fears or emotional problems he was going through at the time. Grief hits everyone differently. There is no one way to cope with the loss of your loved ones.


The Outsiders