The Outsiders

chap 11

Ponyboy has time to think while he is recovering in bed. who does he spend thinking about?


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Ponyboy thought about Bob for the first time.... wondering what he was like.

The picture didn't look a whole lot like the Bob I remembered, but nobody ever looks a whole lot like his picture in a yearbook anyway. He had been a sophomore that year--that would make him about eighteen when he died. Yeah, he was good-looking even then, with a grin that reminded me of Soda's, a kind of reckless grin. He had been a handsome black-haired boy with dark eyes--maybe brown, like Soda's, maybe dark-blue, like the Shepard boys'. Maybe he'd had black eyes. Like Johnny. I had never given Bob much thought--I hadn't had time to think. But that day I wondered about him. What Was he like?


The Outsiders