The Outsiders

answer plz all have to be for tomorrow

who brings information about the rumble to them from the socs?

opinion: cherry

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Charry Valance brought the information about the rumble and confirmed the rules that had been decided upon.

Cherry Valance was sitting in her Corvette by the vacant lot when we came by. Her long hair was pinned up, and in daylight she was even better looking. That Sting Ray was one tuff car. A bright red one. It was cool.

"Hi, Ponyboy," she said. "Hi, Two-Bit"

Two-Bit stopped. Apparently Cherry had shown up there before during the week Johnny and I had spent in Windrixville.

"What's up with the big-times?"

She tightened the strings on her ski jacket, "They play your way. No weapons, fair deal. Your rules."


The Outsiders