The Outsiders

also what conflict happened in chapters 2 and 3


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In Chapter Two, Dally walks down the aisle at the drive-in and sits right behind the only two other people there: two Soc girls, "dressed sharp and real good-looking." Dally taunts them even though they ask him to leave them alone, and the redhead, whose name is Cherry Valance, threatens to call the cops.


After the movie ends in Chapter Three, Cherry and Marcia need a ride home, and the Greasers are more than happy to help. Unfortunately, the Socs and their blue Mustang appears and stops beside them and Bob and Randy get out. They start defending themselves to their girlfriends, at first ignoring the Greasers. Randy refers to the guys as "bums," and Two-bit gets defensive. He breaks the end off a bottle and hands it to Ponyboy, then flips out his own switchblade. Cherry begs them not to fight, and Ponyboy makes a point of pulling her aside and assuring her that he "couldn't ever cut anyone" with the bottle Two-bit handed him. Cherry understands, but insists that she must go with the Soc boys, since "we couldn't let our parents see us with you all." Ponyboy reminds her that "some of us watch the sunset too," and she catches him off guard by replying, "I could fall in love with Dallas Winston. I hope I never see him again, or I will."