The Open Window

The Open Window by Saki

What is the effect of the plot organization? Consider the way Sali reveals information to the reader.

Explain how are the characters are complex? Be sure to use examples from the text to support your answer.

Where else could the author have placed the last line in the story? Why did the author place it there?

How would moving the last line influence and change the plot development?

A surprise rehearsal of events is a common aspect in Seki's stories. How does Saki employ this element in The Open Window?

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The plot is structured very much like a tale or campfire story. The fact that Vera's story was purely imaginary is revealed only in the closing paragraphs. This gives the imagination, Like Mr. Nuttel's, ample room to wander and scare the listener. I think a sophisticated reader might pick up on certain grandiose details but the story still entertains.

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