The Open Window

"The open window" by saki

In "The open window" by saki,

1. Did Framton see some ghosts? If not, what did he see and what has transpired?

2. Why did Vera trick him?

3. What story did she invent to explain his behaviour? Why does she tell such a tale about him?

4. Why is Framton especially vulnerable to someone like Vera?

5. Saki closes the story with a quote that describes Vera's character "Romance at short notice was her specialty." What does this quote mean and what does it reveal about her character?

6. Who is the protagonist? Why? The antagonist? Why?

7. Explain the conflict that exists in the story.


8. Describe the irony found in this story. Did it add to the enjoyment of it?


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No, he doesn't see ghosts. Framton merely sees the hunters returning. Vera was not telling the truth in the fist place.  You need to submit each of your questions separately.