The Open Window

how does the way the characters are presented change throughout the story

from the three main characters

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Saki’s stories frequently satirize and subvert the order of the Edwardian upper-middle class world of which H.H. Munro was a part. In “The Open Window” he does this by troubling and transforming the “rural” and calm setting of the formal house visit. Vera’s story imbues the otherwise mannered and bourgeois scene and characters with a grim tale of death and delusion. The tale becomes darker still when the aunt enters because Saki continues to describe the setting as a cheerful one even amidst the aunt’s clear and tragic misunderstanding. Using words like “bustled," “whirl," and “cheerfully," Saki subverts the traditional setting of the Edwardian sitting room with the grotesque. This transformation od the characters is fantastical, mostly because the story is not real. It is, however, the story that finally pushes Nuttel over the edge.