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Explain The Luck themes

The Luck themes

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The main theme of the story "Luck" is that success has little to do with anything but luck. It's all about being in the right place at the right time or making a mistake that ended up not being a mistake. This short story revolves around a man Twain calls "Lieutenant-General Lord Arthur Scoresby." This is a made-up name.

None-the-less, Scoresby has won a number of military honors and is celebrated by many. Ironically, Scoresby wasn't the smartest, in fact, he was the lowest in his military class; people believed his mistakes to be signs of genius; a wrong turn brought him the greatest victory he'd ever have..... after he attained higher and higher rank as his leaders died around him.

Scoresby was a military icon because of his intelligence, courage, tactical abilities, or even leadership abilities. He attained all of his honors by making mistakes that just happened to work out..... but that could have been disastrous.