The Once and Future King

what is wrong with the orkey faction according to arthur?

the orkey boys from once and future king by t h white

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Okay I found this and although a little wordy, I think it will help. I'll post the source-link below.

According to the “Post-Vulgate Arthurian Cycle” and the “Prose Tristan'' and some later Arthurian romances, including Malory’s “Le Morte d’Arthur'', the sons of King Loth (or King Lot). whom T.H. White calls the “Orkney Faction”, hated King Pellinor because he had killed their father. Gawain, King Loth’s eldest son, secretly killed King Pellinor in retaliation.

Later Gawain also secretly killed King Pellinor's sons Driant and Lamorat (Lamerok),

According to the “Post-Vulgate Arthurian Cycle”, Arthur fathered a son named Mordred on his sister, before he knew that they shared the same birth. Loth believed that Mordred was his own son.

When Arthur, knowing that his slayer was destined to be born on May 1 that year, ordered all male children born around that day to be sent to him, King Loth obeyed and had Mordred sent to Arthur. But the ship in which the infant Mordred was being sent was destroyed in a storm and only Mordred survived, unknown to either King Loth or King Arthur.

Arthur had the other children who were sent to him placed in a rudderless boat and they were all assumed to have perished at sea, though in fact they also survived.

Malory tells a somewhat simplified version of this.

King Loth, believing that his son Mordred had died through Arthur’s evil, determined to avenge himself on King Arthur. When King Rion made war on Arthur, King Loth and his troops marched toward Arthur’s troops, purportedly to aid Arthur, but really intending to aid King Rion. Merlin knew of King Loth’s treachery and held back King Loth with talk until Arthur had destroyed King Rion’s army. When King Loth heard of this, he decided to attack King Arthur’s army in any case, as they had been weakened by the battle with King Rion’s forces.

So King Loth and his forces attacked King Arthur and his forces. King Loth met King Athur in the field and unhorsed him. One of Arthur’s allies was King Pellinor, who thought that King Arthur had been slain by King Loth and was determined to avenge King Arthur. King Pellinor personally attacked King Loth and slew him.

Gawain, King Loth’s eldest son, then only twelve years old and not yet a knight, swore to avenge his father King Loth’s death on King Pellinor. Years later, Gawain did so. Later still Gawain slew King Pellinor's sons Driant and Lamorat (whom Malory and White call Lamerok).

Gawain in early romances was a virtuous knight, second only to Lancelot, or superior to Lancelot in many tales. Only beginning with the “Quest of the Holy Grail'' does Gawain become a murderer of good knights. Then the “Post-Vulgate Arthurian Cycle” and the “Prose Tristan'' introduce the feud between the King Pellinor’s kin and King Loth’s kin and make out that Gawain, though still having an excellent reputation, is in fact in truth a murderer and rapist and often false in his promises and deeds, no better than his brother Agravain, who had previously appeared a false knight.