The Old Man and the Sea

what does manolin symbolize in the story

does manolin symbolize youth and hope

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Manolin could symbolize several things. First of all, he could be the old man as a young man, one who wishes to learn what the older people know. He could also be the symbol of a young family member who looks up to the old man as if he were a grandfather. He symbolizes the way in which the young look after the old when the old need such looking after; he takes care of the old man, brings him food and the newspaper. He does symbolize hope in the sense that he always thinks there will be fish and at the end, when he plans to go back to the old man's boat, he again thinks that the old man's luck has changed and thus things have changed.

Manolin is a follower of Santiago. He is Santiago's friend, a compassionate server to the old man. . If Santiago is a Christ -figure then Manolin is his disciple. He believes in Santiago long after others have written him off.