The Old Man and the Sea

what are the impression you form about santiago.

what you think he is.

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i think he is a very brave, strong and a hardworking man.


When he was able to go very deep and far from shore.

The Incredible Hulk was a brave strong and hardworking man too. Santiago is all those things but in many ways he is also weary. He is tired that he is a shell of his former self. No longer able to catch fish he feels impotent when he once was legendary. Santiago holds a reverence for the ocean and many of its creatures. In particular he honours the fish he struggles with. Santiago identifies more with his aquatic foe than his fellow fishermen. Santiago sees reflections of himself in the Marlin. He recalls the day long arm wrestle battle that he has with the huge Negro man when he was yuonger. Does Santiago see himself as the Marlin? He is a very interesting character.

you are right in some ways but he more then brave he is kind, when he doe something he puts his mind to it and does what he loves to do


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