The Old Man and the Sea

The old man's solitude and faith

i'm doing a r.paper about "the old man and the sea" the notions of solitude and faith,can u help me?thx

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Well I have a pocket due today and the book is boring that I cant read it with out going to sleep. So I know How you feel right about now.

hemmingway's portraiyal of the embattled ,solitary old man arouses the reader's empathy ,though emasculated by age ,fate,he has'nt a tinge of pessimism though the erosions would have led any other weaker soul astray,his confidence,his solidarity , his ability to believe in the'el mar',ennobles him in our eyes.

ok thats good

I am also writing the paper.Can you recommend me with materials or webs?Thanks'

The story by Hemingway entitled "the old man and the sea" represent conflict in many forms, but two of the forms of conflict, man versus himself and nature, can be campared to represent the underbying basic of the protagonist and the antagonist?