The Old Man and the Sea

Sentences fill in;;;

word bank:

comparatively, friction, gaunt. congregated, erosion, skiff, buoys, ptomaine, thwart, shoal, gaff, humility, prisms, boom

1. The student ______ in the hallway between classes

2. He stepped the mast abd, with the stick that was his gaff and with his ___ rigged, the patched sail, drew, the boat began to move

3. The diamond ring gave off lustrous _____ of light

4. Jonah was noisy while caleb was ______ quiet

5. Many survivors of the great Depression and the dust bowl were ____.

6. The old man had a brief moment to sit on the ___ and regain his strength before another battle began with the giant fish

7.Her small _____ was not mathce for thr fury of the strom and soon sank

8. John was filled with ____at the sight of the pope.

9. ___ help boats to find the right way

10. ___ between the two pieaces of metal caused them to grow very hot.

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