The Old Man and the Sea

Old man and the sea

i have a few questions?

from page 24-47...

where does the old man go after he wakes up?
what is the old mans only sustenance for the day?
what kinds of things does santiago notice in and around ther water?
in santoagos opinion what is the sea gender?
when the man-of-war bird dives suddenly, what animal does santiago notice in the water?
what dangerous creatures does santiago notice in the water?
what does santiago like to see turtles eat?
why does santiago eat turtle eggs and shark liver oil?
what is the first type of fish that santiago catches?
why does santiago think that the other fishermans would consider him crazy?
why does he get excited when he sees the green sticks dip sharply?
what does he think the fish will do to the hook?
what problem does he encounter while trying to pull up the fish?
when the sun does down what does santigo do with the line?

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Santiago gets dressed and goes to wake the boy Manolin.

You need to submit these one at a time.