The Old Man and the Sea

How does the man-of-war bird help the old man? What does this reveal about his relationship with nature?

This happens in day 2 of the novel from pages 33 to 35.

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The man-of-war bird dives for fish. The old man knows that where the bird goes might be a could place to fish. Santiago has a unique relationship with nature. He thinks of the sea as the personification of a woman with her own moods. She can give or demand; she can be kind or cruel.Santiago has his own value system with nature. Some animals are better than others. He takes pity on a warbler, "as it nears land. Knowing that the warbler cannot understand him, the old man tells the bird to stay and rest up before heading toward shore." Santiago even has a great reverence the giant Marlin that he battles. He prefers majesty of the struggling fish to the company of his fellow fishermen. Indeed, we get the sense that the old man belongs with the sea; this is where his life happens. Santiago's shack on land is merely a place for him to sleep.


Old Man and the Sea (novel)